Operation Vector Glare is Launching on June 7 With the Second Season of Year 7 to Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft revealed the second season of the game Rainbow Six Siege, for its Year 7, called Operation Vector Glare, it will arrive on June 7 and will have news in the studio’s first-person shooter game.

The strategy will have a central position in this new moment of the game. Sens – a non-binary character from Belgium who joins the squad – will expand the number of support operators. The highlight is the ROU Projector System device, a wheel launched to create a wall of light that blocks the players’ line of sight.

There are even new weapons carried by Sens. The POF-9 or the 417 are the primary armament, while the SDP 9MM or the GONNE-6 form the second option. The player can choose the one he thinks best. Check out the Operation Vector Glare gameplay.

Rainbow Six Siege: Vector Glare Operator Gameplay Gadget & Starter Tips

In addition to the character addition, Team Deathmatch will arrive as a new mode and on an exclusive map. The Close Quarter focuses on movement rather than defensive setups and has a circular layout to blend different lines of sight.

Ubisoft will also add a new Reputation System, which will activate Reverse Friendly Fire by default, for those who harm a lot of teammates. Players will receive two warnings before activating the penalty.

Rainbow Six Siege will also have two new additions for this season. Shooting Range will allow players to practice shooting with different weapons and target types, without the pressure of the match itself.

The Operator’s Guide will inform players of the details of each character. You will be able to learn more about unique abilities, gadgets, and other tips for attack and defense strategies.

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