Orbital Bullet is Out Today on Steam and GOG

Press Release

Wiesbaden, Germany – 21st March 2022 – Lock and load! German publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer SmokeStab are beyond excited to announce today the release of long-awaited, highly addictive 360° roguelite shooter Orbital Bullet — a title that begs for “one more round” again and again. Available today on PC via Steam and GOG, Orbital Bullet sees players battling through unforgiving alien worlds, utilising fluid, fast-paced gameplay, and procedurally generated enemies and level elements all while navigating a unique circular map that literally turns the genre on its head.

“The reception we’ve seen thus far for Orbital Bullet has been amazing,” says Stefan Marcinek, Assemble Entertainment founder, and CEO. “There’s nothing else quite like it, and we’re excited to see how it shakes up the genre. Orbital Bullet feels familiar, but the gameplay is so fresh that it appeals to roguelike fans and casual players alike.”

Orbital Bullet is an action-platformer that takes the tried-and-true, highly addictive rogue-lite formula and adds a unique twist with a 360° rotating level design. Players can expect fluid, fast-paced gameplay featuring procedurally generated enemies and level elements, with “instant-transmission” upon completion of a stage — keeping the rhythm going and the action flowing!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a rogue-lite without a deep skill tree mechanic that features both dynamic and permanent skill trees, game-changing body modifications, upgrades, and of course, a diverse range of heavy-weaponry that can be further enhanced thanks to the newly implemented Overcharge and Eternity mechanics. As you can already imagine, the hordes of enemies will have a hard time keeping you from reaching the next level.

The full release update, titled “Coup D’état”, unveils a dreadful new biome called “Dread Corp Space Station” where players will finally infiltrate the HQ of the evil and highly advanced cyber-tech company, and the game’s primary antagonist, Dread Corp. To stop their nefarious world domination plans, players are equipped with four new explosive weapons in their arsenal, totaling 38 powerful weapons in all.

Orbital Bullet Release Trailer

The full release version also features tons of meticulously hand-painted pixel art cutscenes from SmokeStab’s Art Director Richard Schmidbauer, and a bass-blasting soundtrack created by acclaimed composer Niilo Takalainen, known for his work on the soundtrack for the popular pixel art action-roguelite Noita.

Learn more about the story of Orbital Bullet and the Dread Corp feud in the latest Steam Devlogs titled, “It’s Over 9000” and “The Dread Corp.”

Developed by SmokeStab Studio and published by Assemble Entertainment, Orbital Bullet is available now on Steam and GOG for £13.49 / €16.99. On theme with the game’s diverse biome-based environments, Assemble Entertainment has teamed up with Ocean Cleanup — a non-profit foundation leading the world’s largest coordinated ocean cleanup effort — to offer a special “Save the World Edition” on Steam for £21.99 / €26.99, which includes the official game soundtrack and a 10% donation to the cause.

In case that wasn’t tempting enough, there is a 35% launch discount for the Standard and Save The World Edition, as well as Assemble Entertainment’s currently running Publisher Sale on Steam, with up to 90% off their catalogue of fantastic indie games.

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