OxygenOS 12 Will Bring New Option to Customize OnePlus Phones

OnePlus is preparing other ways to make its phones more customizable and unique with new ways of personalization in OxygenOS 12 that were revealed today in its official forum.

The news was announced by Crystal Z., who is a senior member of the forum and is part of the team that manages the OnePlus community. According to her, OxygenOS 12 will have a new way to customize the user interface through a theme store, a feature that should be very similar to the one already seen on MIUI 12 from Xiaomi and Samsung devices.

If you have not yet had contact with any of these systems, basically the store allows you to download complete customization packages that modify not only the wallpaper and sounds but also the system’s application interface more completely.

Unfortunately, not many details have been revealed regarding the OxygenOS 12 theme store. So we still don’t know if it will only be possible to apply themes created by the manufacturer or selected artists, or it will still be possible to create yours and combine them with each other.

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