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Cambridge, UK – 12 April 2022: Frontier Developments plc (AIM: FDEV) invites players to experience Planet Zoo: Wetlands Animal Pack, a brand new expansion for the ultimate zoo simulation, launching today on Steam for a suggested retail price of £7.99 / $9.99 / €9.99.

With the arrival of Planet Zoo: Wetlands Animal Pack, players can now welcome eight mesmerising new species from one of the world’s richest biomes to their zoos. The laid-back Capybara, the remarkable-looking Platypus, the graceful Asian Small-Clawed Otter, the peeping Spectacled Caiman, the agile Nile Lechwe, the magnificent Wild Water Buffalo, the elegant Red-Crowned Crane, and the distinctive Danube Crested Newt Exhibit Animal are certain to fascinate zookeepers and guests alike.

Players can ensure their new arrivals will thrive with new enrichments. Watch as the Capybara bathes under the Hot Water Tap, or find the Platypus using its webbed feet to burrow into its home. The Small Underwater Feeder, Underwater Buoy, and Natural Water Jet will also add comfort and fun to habitats.

Planet Zoo: Wetlands Animal Pack also provides players with the chance to try their hand at an exciting new timed scenario set in Brazil’s breath-taking Pantanal region, one of the largest and most diverse wetlands ecosystems in the world. Budding zookeepers must help to rescue animals who cannot return to the wild and ensure they can truly flourish, in this welfare and conservation-focused challenge.

Alongside today’s pack launch, players can also enjoy a free base-game update, bringing a range of exciting extras and enhancements, including roaming educator talks, and a new ‘Explore Cam’ feature that allows players to experience their zoos at guest height, new water customisation options, and more.

Planet Zoo - Wetlands Animal Pack

While Planet Zoo: Wetlands Animal Pack brings the much-requested Capybara to the game, Frontier will be celebrating today’s launch by bringing the real thing to Twitch with a special stream in aid of conservation.

Streaming from Cambridgeshire’s Shepreth Wildlife Park, viewers will get a deeper insight into the daily habits of these notoriously relaxed and sociable animals via carefully placed habitat cameras and zookeeper talks, and take a closer look at gameplay from the pack.

All proceeds from the stream, which runs from 11 am-8.30 pm BST on 12th April, will go directly to the Shepreth Wildlife Conservation Charity, which helps support conservation efforts at Shepreth Wildlife Park and donates grants to a number of projects worldwide.

To tune into the stream, follow Frontier Developments over on Twitch:

The Planet Zoo base game, which is currently available at a discounted price on Steam, is required to play.

Visit the Planet Zoo website at

To find out more about the work of Shepreth Wildlife Conservation Charity, visit

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