PlayStation App for Android Updated With New Features

The PlayStation App for Android, a gateway to the console ecosystem, including the Sony game store, is not as popular with users. In comparison to the tools available on PS5 and PS4, or even on a desktop interface, the Play Store made possible by the application is quite limited. But an update has just brought interesting features to the application.

The app now allows users to add PlayStation Store items to a wish list, which even provides email alerts about price changes. It’s worth noting that this feature was available in the old version of the app. But it ended up lost among the design renovations that took place in recent years, in 2017 and more recently in October 2020.

To add a game to your wish list on the PlayStation app, click on the heart next to the “Add to cart” button that appears on any game page. To see your complete wish list, just go to the PS Store home page and click on the heart icon at the top of the screen.

In addition, two other features deal with interactions between users. It is now possible to modify the status of the console for online, offline, and the like through the app, and also receive notifications when a friend comes into play.

The rest of the modifications present in the recent update in the PlayStation App for Android are just the classic “bug fixes and improvements”.

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