Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 for Affordable Notebooks Announced

A few years ago, Qualcomm entered the notebook processor market. Still, with few models in circulation on the market, the company announces the new generation of Snapdragon 7c for low-cost notebooks. The Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 offers 2.55 GHz speed as compared to 2.4 GHZ in the first models.

The new chip is expected to equip notebooks with Windows 10 in ARM and Chrome OS, such that demand better battery consumption efficiency. The focus of the applications of this hardware is, precisely, the branch of education.

“We believe that smarter technology can solve problems, create opportunities and transform the way we all live, learn, work, and connect. Qualcomm Technologies’ commitment to advancing technology aligns perfectly with Lenovo’s vision to lead and enable Smarter Technology for All. The performance, efficiency, and connectivity of Snapdragon compute platforms combined with Lenovo design and engineering have elevated the user experience across consumer and business needs. We look forward to launching new Lenovo devices with the Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 compute platform later this year, and many more years of strong collaboration in innovating the future of computing together.”

Emily Ketchen, Chief Marketing Officer of Intelligent Devices Group, Lenovo

Still similar to the generation, the octa-core will maintain the 8 nm lithography and the Kryo 468 CPU with support for QHD resolution, screen refresh at 60 Hz, and video playback in 4K and HDR10 technology. The focus of these models, however, is to offer hardware with performance comparable to the same x86-based processors but cost significantly less.

The devices will have 4G LTE connectivity for the concept of “always connected notebooks”, which is essential for educational applications where the Wi-Fi network signal may be weak or non-existent.

Qualcomm’s promises with the new generation include enterprise-class security for fast switching between a Wi-Fi and cellular network, system optimization through artificial intelligence, extended battery life for multiple days of use, and advanced features for quality of service. image and audio.

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