Sony PS5 VR Headset to Have 4K Resolution and Vibration

Sony has kept the PS5’s new VR system an almost absolute mystery. Although the initial details of the Sony PS5 VR headset and even the new glove-shaped controls have already been revealed. We still don’t know whether the glasses will change and what technological innovations they will bring.

According to a recent post on the UploadVR website, the new VR system will have a resolution of 4000×2040 pixels (2000×2040 per eye), with a lens separation and adjustment channel, as well as a gaze tracking system capable of optimizing the rendering.

The rumor also states that an engine in the headset can be used by the developers to provide the direct haptic feedback system.

The resolution of the Sony PS5 VR headset appears to be slightly less than the market leader HP Reverb G2, but better than that of Oculus Quest 2. The resolution is expected to support about 8.16 million total pixels. The new VR headset will use a USB Type-C connection between the console and the glasses.

The device should also use integrated cameras to track the position of the controls, giving players more freedom of movement.

The new improvements are expected to significantly increase the realism and accuracy of VR games, since eye-tracking allows for better positioning of objects in games, as well as leaving some parts of the scene with higher resolution.

It is not yet clear how haptic feedback will work on the headset, as it can be quite uncomfortable to have something vibrating in your head constantly. But if the rumor is confirmed, new details should be released soon.

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