Total Tank Generals Launches on PC via Steam

The hex-based strategy wargame, Total Tank Generals, has been officially launched on PC via Steam by 505 Games and Noobz From Poland. Players can step into the shoes of famous World War II generals to engage in military battles that test their strategic abilities and combat skills. Although novice-friendly, Total Tank Generals requires mastery of turn-based combat and strategic movements to lead battalions to victory.

The game places significant emphasis on historical accuracy, with the design of units and soldiers reflecting the real-life composition of the figures they were inspired by. With dozens of unit options available, players can design a fighting force best suited for conquering the enemy and overcoming environmental obstacles across the European theaters of war. Players can engage in infantry, artillery, or all-out armored assaults to turn the tides of war.

Total Tank Generals will continue to add additional post-launch content, with the first update scheduled for release in April, followed by a second update in June, and a third update by the end of 2023. The roadmap will be periodically updated with more detailed information.

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