Toyota Prius 2023 is Announced With Next-Gen Look

The all-new Toyota Prius 2023 is announced to represent the 5th generation of the line. In this sense, the automaker tried to emphasize that the model was produced with a focus on evolving the Hybrid Reborn concept. By the way, it also defined in a few words what her hybrid car looks like:

A car that owners will continue to love and drive. It inherits the original’s silhouette and employs a wide, low stance, with wide tires and sleek designs that appeal to the senses.

In general, the company’s idea is to bring a model that manages to unite an attractive look with power. About the first point, it comes with details reminiscent of the bZ series models. In addition, the vehicle arrives with a photovoltaic solar panel, which means that it can capture energy through sunlight.

As for the second point, the new Toyota Prius 2023 comes with a 2.0 engine with 128 hp of power, combined with an electric motor with over 160 hp. For comparison, the previous generation offered a power of 122 hp and a 1.8 engine. The fifth generation, in turn, manages to deliver a total power of 223 horsepower.

Inside, the car still comes with a multimedia center with a TFT LCD screen and the updated Toyota Audio Multimedia system over the air. The battery, finally, is now made of lithium ions and promises to offer a range of up to 75km. Previously, the company presented an electric jeep concept and also announced the new 2023 GR Corolla.

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