What are the Different Services Available on the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station

The Mog Station serves as an online platform where FINAL FANTASY XIV players can conveniently manage their accounts and access various additional services. It can be accessed through a web browser or the FINAL FANTASY XIV Companion App.

The Mog Station offers a range of services, including:

  1. Upgrading to the full version of the game: Players who are currently on the free trial of FINAL FANTASY XIV can seamlessly upgrade to the full version via the Mog Station. This upgrade grants access to all game content, including the latest expansion, Endwalker.
  2. Adding game time: Through the Station, players can extend their game time by adding it to their accounts. This ensures uninterrupted gameplay even after their subscription expires.
  3. Registering various codes: The Mog Station enables players to register different types of codes, such as expansion packs, in-game items, and promotional codes.
  4. Purchasing additional services: Players can conveniently purchase various additional services through the Mog Station, including retainers, fantasias (consumable items for character appearance changes), and the complete collection bundle.
  5. Managing service accounts: The Mog Station allows players to efficiently manage their service accounts. This includes creating new accounts, deleting existing ones, and transferring characters between different service accounts.
  6. Changing password or email address: Players have the option to modify their password or email address directly through the Mog Station, enhancing the security of their accounts.
  7. Enabling one-time password security: The Mog Station provides the option to enable one-time password security, an added layer of protection for player accounts. This involves generating a one-time password using a mobile app or hardware token.

The Mog Station proves to be a valuable resource for FINAL FANTASY XIV players, offering comprehensive account management, access to additional services, and convenient viewing of account information.

Here are some additional details about the services available on the Mog Station:

  • Retainer: Retainers function as virtual assistants capable of item storage, material gathering, and item selling on the market board. Each service account can acquire up to two retainers.
  • Fantasia: Fantasias are consumable items that allow players to alter their character’s appearance. It is available from the Mog Station for $9.99 USD.
  • Complete Collection: The complete collection is a bundled package containing the base game, all expansions, and various in-game items. It is available from the Mog Station for $60 USD.
  • Game Time: Game time refers to the duration required to play FINAL FANTASY XIV. It can be acquired in 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day increments, with a cost of $12.99 USD per 30 days.
  • Subscription: Subscriptions involve recurring payments that grant access to the game. Players can choose monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription plans, priced at $12.99 USD per month, $39.99 USD per quarter, and $129.99 USD per year.
  • Character: Characters are player-created avatars utilized for gameplay. Each service account can accommodate up to eight characters.
  • Service Account: A service account serves as a unique identifier for accessing the FINAL FANTASY XIV account. Players can create up to eight service accounts per Square Enix ID.
  • Password: A password acts as a protective measure for FINAL FANTASY XIV accounts. It is crucial to select a strong, hard-to-guess password.
  • Email: It uses an email address for account verification purposes. It is necessary to provide an email address during the account creation process.
  • One-Time Password: A one-time password offers an additional layer of security for FINAL FANTASY XIV accounts. Players can generate a one-time password using a mobile app or hardware token.

Overall, the Mog Station serves as an invaluable tool, enabling players to efficiently manage their accounts, purchase additional services, and access essential account information.

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