What is a Shulker Box in Minecraft and How to Make it?

The Shulker Box in Minecraft is the best thing that has ever happened to Minecraft. Shulker boxes are portable chests and work similarly to regular single chests. It has some amazing characteristics that can make your life so much easier in the game if you know how to use them properly.

If you want to make Shulker Box in Minecraft by yourself, this guide will help you out on that as well! The uses of Shulker Box in Minecraft are almost endless, and once you know how to make and use them, you’ll wonder how you ever played without them before!

A Quick Introduction to Shulker Boxe in Minecraft

What are Shulker Boxes in Minecraft? In short, they’re chests that let you keep items inside while you aren’t nearby, but unlike other chests, they don’t have an inventory of their own. You can place them down where ever you want — even if that’s several blocks underwater! — and your stuff will be safe until you come back for it.

Plus, once you do return, all of your items will still be there because Shulker boxes work more like a personal inventory than an actual chest. A handy tool for any player who spends lots of time away from home — which should hopefully include all players!

How to Craft a Shulker Box in Minecraft?

Crafting or making a Shulker Box isn’t too hard. The first thing you need to do is mine some Shulker shells, which can be found buried underground. To get them, you’ll have to find shovels, which spawn naturally underground near lava pools.

You’ll also need plenty of wooden planks, which are fairly easy to come by if you keep an eye out for trees. Now all you have to do is craft them together! It will take nine wooden planks and four Shulker shells per crafting slot, so prepare yourself for lots of clicking when you start building your collection.

Things You Can Store Inside Your Shulker Box

Your Shulker box acts like any other chest, you can store almost anything inside of it. However, one thing that should not be stored inside your Shulker box is another Shulker box. If you place another Shulker box within a normal chest’s inventory or vice versa, both chests will lose their properties of storing items.

Reasons Why Use Shulker Boxe in Minecraft

A Shulker box will also keep its contents when broken. This makes a Shulker box useful for transporting your items through dangerous territory or into another dimension. If you get your hands on some blaze rods, you can even put them in there so that you don’t lose them (and whatever else you put inside) when going into places where mobs can spawn.

Things You Can Do With Shulker Boxes

Hide some items from your inventory by storing them in a Shulker box. Protect your items from the explosion, easy to access than other chests like piggy or trapped chest. You can see what’s inside via its GUI. It also allows you to name your Shulker box. There are only 2 slots on top of it (upgradeable up to 7).

Press right-click on any full Shulker box near you and choose the open option. Shulker boxes can be crafted back into 9 pieces of leather. It takes 4 Shulkers that are placed inside around 4 times before they pop out as well as they will fly away when opened just like regular chests do.

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