What is the Channeling Enchantment in Minecraft?

If you play Minecraft, you’ve probably already discovered how important enchantments are to your character’s armor and weapons. You can also find enchantment tables in Minecraft, which can add powerful properties to your weapons and armor if you know how to get the right enchantments.

One of the best Minecraft enchantments that you can get is the Channeling enchantment, which can give the weapon or armor some amazing benefits like creating lightning whenever the wearer hits an enemy with it or that it doesn’t use any durability when attacking.


Enchants are special items that can be applied to armor, weapons, and tools. In order to enchant an item, you will need to use a Book and a Diamond. Each enchants has a certain number of uses or charges. When you apply an enchant to your items it will have one charge each time it’s used up until there are no more uses left for that particular enchantment item.


You may have seen a variety of enchantments in your time playing Minecraft, but some of them can be quite a mystery. One of these enchants is channeling, which adds Knockback to swords and axes when they are used to attack.

Although you may know that it adds knockback to your weapon, what exactly does it do for you? We will go into more detail about what Channeling does for your attacks so that you can make an informed decision when choosing what enchantments will help you survive. As always, we’ll also include details on how to get Channeling for yourself!

How to Get the Channeling Enchantment?

To get the Channeling Enchantment in Minecraft, you’ll need to reach Level 30 and then kill Enderman. The reason for needing to be level 30 is because it requires Blaze Powder and Ender Pearls, which are only available at that level. Once you’ve acquired these items, head over to an Enchantment Table and start combining them.

Examples of enchanted items with channeling

Enchantments such as Fortune and Silk Touch are usually paired with valuable material, such as diamond or lapis lazuli. Diamonds are particularly useful because they have nine times more durability than normal tools, meaning they can last several uses before breaking (diamond swords will last 3600 strikes instead of 120). It’s also important to know that if an item has a high number of uses left, it will still break after one strike with an enchanted sword.

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