10 Best Android Apps To Find Your Family and Friends Using GPS

Finding your friends can be challenging when you don’t know their exact location, but if you have an Android phone, here are 10 of the best Android apps to use if you want to find your friends using GPS. Some of these apps work on both Android and iOS devices, so even if you and your friends aren’t all using Android phones, you can still stay in touch with one another without needing to rely on calling or texting.

Best Android Apps To Track Family and Friends Using GPS

1) Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of our favorite apps to use when we’re on vacation and have forgotten where we parked our car. But it can also be a useful tool for keeping tabs on friends who may not be as familiar with their surroundings.

You might lose track of your children in a crowded park, or simply want to double-check that your friend really made it home okay after an evening out. With Google Maps (and some practice), you’ll be able to stay connected with friends more easily than ever before.

2) Where’s My Droid

Wheres My Droid

Where’s My Droid is an app that locates your friends’ cell phones with GPS technology. The app is free, but it does require users to sign up for a free account. Once you log in, you can invite friends to join you by text message and then use Where’s My Droid to find them. The good news is that anyone who joins you must accept your invitation via text before they can be tracked on Where’s My Droid.

3) Google Find My Device

Google’s Find My Device will help you locate your device using its Android Device Manager service. The app also lets you ring your phone even if it is on silent mode and erase all data remotely, so it’s a good idea to keep it installed on your Android smartphone even if you don’t plan to use it for finding other people.

4) Family Locator – GPS Tracker & Find Your Phone

Family Locator - GPS Tracker & Find Your Phone App

Family Locator is a full-featured, powerful and easy-to-use family tracking app that keeps you in touch with your loved ones via mobile phone or tablet. Use it to track your kids’ or friend location, easily communicate with them, and get informed about emergencies 24/7. The app will help you stay close to those who are most important in your life – your family! Now you can always know where they are when you need them most. It’s as simple as sending an SMS!

5) Location Tracker: Phone Tracker&Tracking App

Location Tracker - Phone Tracker & Tracking App

Location Tracker is an app for Android to help you know where your family or friends are. Use location sharing to find their exact location on a map in real-time, right from your phone! Then get directions to meet up.

6) Glympse


A good place to start is Glympse, a real-time location-sharing app that lets you know where friends and family are at any given time. All you have to do is link your social media accounts with Glympse and give someone permission to see your location using their phone number or email address. If they’re nearby, they can follow your movements in real-time on a map.

7) Prey Anti Theft: Find My Phone & Mobile Security

Prey Anti Theft - Find My Phone & Mobile Security

If you’re not comfortable going straight for an app that completely erases your phone’s data, there are more measured ways to deal with a lost phone. Prey Anti Theft and Find My Phone & Mobile Security will help you track down any Android-powered device that has been stolen or misplaced—but they won’t destroy any of your data while they do it.

8) GeoZilla – Find My Family

GeoZilla - Find My Family

If you have children, it can be scary to let them out of your sight. GeoZilla-Find My Family makes keeping track of loved ones easy and convenient! This free app allows you to see each other’s locations in real-time on a map.

9) Find My Friends app

Find My Friends

The Find My Friends app is a great one to consider using. It’s easy to use, has a very user-friendly interface, and works well with a large number of devices. When you download it on your Phone or Tab, the app will show a persistent notification at all times when the app is running. Location sharing is possible only with the mutual consent of all family members.

10) Life360: Family Locator & GPS Tracker

Keep up with your family with Life360’s real-time location sharing. Receive a notification when a family member arrives at their destination, and if needed, you can quickly locate any family member on a map in case of an emergency.

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