Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos is Now World’s Richest Person

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is no more the world’s richest man because the title of world’s richest person is now taken over by Jeff Bezos. Jeffrey Preston Bezos (Jeff Bezos) is the founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of e-commerce giant

According to the report filed with securities regulators in April, Mr. Bezos holds nearly 81 million shares of Amazon which makes about 17 percent of the company. The shares of the online shopping company rose 1.3 percent to $1,065.92, making Mr. Bezos a net worth of $90.9 billion, versus $90.7 billion for Gates.

Jeff Bezos

Addition to Amazon, Bezos is also the owner of The Washington Post (purchased in 2013) and the rocket company Blue Origin. The wealth calculation also includes cash from the sale of securities.

Till now, Bill Gates was at the top of the Forbes list of billionaires for 18 out of the last 23 years. His wealth comes from his software company Microsoft. According to some leading business media, Bezos had a net worth of over $89 billion on Wednesday till the close of the market, while Bill Gates had a net worth of just over $90 billion. But only the 1 percent pop in the company’s share changed all scenario.

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