Apple AirPods Max Gold Announced by Caviar

Introduced in early December as the newest member of Apple’s line of headphones, AirPods Max drew attention for bringing a different design offering than previously seen in the series. Now a luxury Apple AirPods Max Gold version is announced by Caviar. The highlight of this new edition is the build material which consists of pure 750 gold and crocodile leather.

Despite the high price, the AirPods Max had pleased the fans, which even forced Apple to extend the delivery time by up to 14 weeks from the day of purchase. The Apple AirPods Max Gold version is available in white or black versions at a price of US $ 108K.

According to Caviar, the design has an elegant look, “emphasizing the status of the owners and their impeccable taste”. Being ideal for those who “always want to be at the top”. In addition to being available in a single piece, which explains in a way the extremely high price.

This precious accessory is made of 750 gold and white crocodile leather. It is impossible to look away from this innovative and splendid device. Created for those who value their uniqueness and want to always be on top.

So, if you are interested and can afford this piece of jewel just go to Caviar and order it.

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