Audi Activesphere e-SUV Concept Unveiled

Audi has unveiled the latest addition to its electric vehicle lineup with the Activesphere Luxury Electric SUV Concept. This concept car provides a glimpse into where the future of luxury electric SUVs is heading. The Audi Activesphere marks a significant step forward in the company’s commitment to developing electric vehicles.

It features a unique design that has been developed specifically to give a luxury experience. Additionally, it incorporates advanced technology such as self-driving capabilities and a feature that turns it into a pickup. When the car is in autonomous mode, the dashboard, steering wheel, and pedals disappear into an invisible position.

“The Activesphere is unique. It is a new type of crossover that cleverly combines the elegance of an Audi Sportback, the practicality of an SUV, and true offroad capabilities.”

Studio manager Gael Buzyn

Dubbed the “master of metamorphosis”, the concept has four doors, 22″ wheels, a lower roof, and a very futuristic look. However, even if it can transform, the pickup bed is not the biggest, despite having enough space to accommodate two bicycles and some sports equipment.

“The sphere concept vehicles show our vision for the premium mobility of the future. We are experiencing a paradigm shift, especially in the interior of our future Audi models. The interior becomes a place where the passengers feel at home and can connect to the world outside at the same time. The most important technical innovation in the Audi activesphere is our adaptation of augmented reality for mobility. Audi dimensions creates the perfect synthesis between the surroundings and digital reality.”

Oliver Hoffmann, Member of the Board of Management for Technical Development

This concept still has several attributes, which include the use of mixed reality glasses, which allow the control of various functions of the electric car through virtual buttons and gestures. In addition, the automaker claims that the idea is that the interface reacts to changes in real-time.

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