C-Smash VRS Launches on PlayStation VR2: A New Era of Fitness and Fun

Introducing C-Smash VRS, the revolutionary VR game developed by RapidEyeMovers, now accessible on PlayStation VR2. This cutting-edge virtual reality experience combines the exhilaration of racket sports like squash, tennis, and paddle ball with elements from various sporting disciplines, resulting in an unparalleled and immersive adventure.

Prepare to engage in C-Smash VRS across a multitude of captivating environments, each presenting its own distinct challenges. Whether challenging your friends online or competing against formidable AI opponents, players can explore a diverse range of game modes, including an immersive story mode, an intense tournament mode, and a free-play mode for endless enjoyment.

Immersed in stunning visuals, C-Smash VRS transports you to a realm of awe-inspiring sights, while an intricate soundscape engulfs your senses. Renowned DJs Ken Ishii (Rez Infinite) and Danalogue (The Comet is Coming, Soccer 96) have expertly crafted the game’s music, perfectly complementing the visuals, while the meticulously designed sound effects heighten the overall experience.

Beyond its captivating gameplay, C-Smash offers a remarkable opportunity to stay active while having fun. The game’s intuitive controls make it accessible to all, yet its profound gameplay mechanics provide ample room for skill improvement and challenges.

If you’re seeking a thrilling and fresh virtual reality gaming experience, C-Smash VRS is an absolute must-try. Available now on PlayStation VR2, it guarantees hours of entertainment and immersion.

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