Dark Mode in Adobe Photoshop Camera Arrived

Adobe Photoshop Camera gets a new update to version 1.2. It brings not only the much-awaited dark mode but other features also. Undoubtedly the idea of ​​using Photoshop on a smartphone-sized screen may seem a bit bizarre. But Adobe’s Photoshop Camera app allows you to have access on the go to some interesting professional-level features based on artificial intelligence.

Adobe’s application (also known as Photoshop Camera Photo Filters) came out of beta testing at the beginning of this year. Now it is enriched with support for an increasingly common feature in the mobile world, the dark mode.

This mobile app from Adobe is appreciated by many users, as it allows you to add filters and effects to photos before even taking them.

How to Use/Activate Dark Mode in Adobe Photoshop Camera

To access the dark mode option you need to go to the Settings menu and then enter the Preferences option. The new dark theme affects everything from application settings to the lens library. Here are some sample images:

The dark mode is not the only feature introduced by the Adobe developer team with version 1.2 for Android. Among other features, we find a new modal crop tool that should simplify the cropping of images in the exact dimensions desired by the user. A number of bug fixes and improvements of the salient masking feature also there in the update.

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