Diablo II: Resurrected Patch 2.3 / Build 67314 Released

Blizzard today released the 2.3 update for Diablo II: Resurrected and is now available for download, for all platforms. The file size is around 120 MB using the Blizzard Launcher (PC). This is also called title update 12.2 Diablo 2 console update by the devs.

The new 2.3 patch includes a “Game Difficulty Scale” option in the game. Apart from this, D2R patch 12.2 also includes various bug fixes and gameplay changes. Check out below the full details of Diablo II: Resurrected Patch 2.3.

Diablo II: Resurrected Patch 2.3


  • Players now have a “Game Difficulty Scale” available in the options menu for offline games, which provide the same function as the /players debug command



  • A visual indicator has been added to show when a character’s attack misses an opponent in PvP (please reference the options menu to enable “Miss Text”)
  • Pathing has been improved for player summons
  • Pets, Summons, and Mercenaries will now warp to a player’s location if they are far away from the player’s character
  • Joystick directional input on the Nintendo Switch will no longer trigger skipping a cutscene


  • Added proper error messaging in cases where the game couldn’t retrieve online characters from the server
  • Deleting your character will no longer jump your character selector to the top of the list, instead, your character selector will progress to the next sequential character



  • Fixed an issue in Act 5 where Madawc the Guardian reappears in a T-posed position separate from the statue after leaving the map and returning
  • Fixed an issue preventing Catapult projectiles from displaying correctly
  • Fixed an issue where NPC Talic, Korlic, and Madawc’s VFX may not always play
  • We fixed an issue where the Overseers bones could be visible through the mesh at LOD 3, additionally fixed an issue upon the Overseers death where the skin was not dissolving away to reveal the skeleton at LOD 2 and LOD 3
  • Fixed incorrect color tinting across various enemies, effects, ands skills


  • Fixed a rare issue where portals would sometimes replay their opening animations after going through them
  • Fixed a visual issue with ambient lava splash VFX on certain platforms
  • Fixed an issue where certain assets in lower detail settings could appear distorted
  • Fixed an issue where the exploding cow could appear unexploded
  • Fixed an issue with well shrine water plane animations extending through some well walls
  • Fixed issues where in certain areas, players could partially fall into the floor or float above the ground
  • Fixed issues where secret objects were incorrectly highlighting
  • Fixed issues where some assets could disappear incorrectly while on-screen
  • Fixed issues where some assets on lower detail levels had distorted geometry
  • Fixed some issues where ground planes in Act 4 could extend beyond their boundaries
  • Fixed visual artifacts in fog that could occur in Act 3
  • Adjusted red light intensity in Throne of Destruction
  • Fixed various texture issues and graphical bugs

Nintendo Switch

  • Fixed an issue in Monastery where the corner of a rooftop was missing
  • Fixed an issue where certain structures were rendering partially invisible in Arreat Summit
  • Fixed an issue where entering or exiting buildings in Act 3 could cause a major lighting change
  • Fixed an issue where pillars in Worldstone Keep could render with multiple instances on top of each other
  • Fixed an issue where players could see a hole in the map in the corner of Arreat Summit
  • Fixed issues where some assets were missing


  • Fixed an issue affecting the Necromancer where the Dim Vision VFX could stretch when teleporting
  • Fixed an issue where animation stutters could occur when continually casting Inferno or Arctic Blast
  • Fixed an issue where Flail weapon animations are delayed when equipped to a Druid
  • Fixed an issue affecting the Assassin’s Phoenix Strike VFX which could remain on screen for other players after the charges had been used
  • Fixed an issue affecting the Necromancers Fire Golem death VFX appearing offset from the corpse
  • Fixed an issue with Wolf and Dire Wolf summoning VFX causing poly-storming
  • Fixed an animation issue with Flail weapons on the Sorceress, Barbarian, Necromancer, and Assassins hands where the weapons position may not align between different animations


  • Fixed an issue preventing audio from properly playing in the Options menu when using a controller
  • Fixed an issue preventing the audio of auto-filling the belt from playing when pressing R3 on a controller
  • Fixed an issue causing an infinite looping of voice lines when Diablo spawned in a game with a Classic character
  • Fixed an issue causing music to start over while toggling in and out of the Legacy Mode


  • Fixed a crash that could occur if the Act 2 Mercenary uses Jab while transformed with the Delirium Rune Word
  • Miscellaneous Crash Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the game can occasionally get stuck on the creating game screen after saving and exiting a previous game with the same character
  • Fixed a rare issue where players could become stuck on a loading screen when creating a game via the party finder

PlayStation 5

  • Fixed a crash related to viewing friend activity history
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when saving and exiting from Harrogath
  • Fixed a rare crash when trading with Drognan

Nintendo Switch

  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when swapping Amazon decoy equipment repeatedly in a multiplayer game



  • Fixed an issue in online games where waypoints could become unselectable when surrounded by monsters
  • Fixed an issue in online games with Korlic’s Leap Attack
  • Fixed an issue where a player could take a Town Portal just as it was closing and the player would end up back in town
  • Fixed an issue where entering a Town Portal of another player could cause you to load into the next area, before teleporting your character back into town
  • Fixed an issue where players could enter and load into areas when using hostile players portals
  • Fixed an issue with client to server synchronization when using Holy Shield
  • Improved synchronization of ability and attack animations in online games
  • Fixed an issue where other players’ corpses wouldn’t appear until they chose to respawn
  • Fixed an issue where player attack and skills would not always stay in sync between client and server

Player Abilities

  • Fixed an issue preventing the player from animating correctly when their character ran out of stamina and attempting to use a melee skill on an enemy
  • Fixed an issue where going hostile with a druid could show their summons at 1/3 of their actual health
  • Fixed an issue where way pointing in Legacy mode while the Hurricane skill is active could cause a long loading screen
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Amazons Valkyrie skill from randomizing the summoned units armor color correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the Assassin’s Dragon Talon skill animation playing an extra kick
  • Fixed an issue where the Druid’s Fury skill was not properly animating as many hits as it throws when using the Werewolf and Werebear form
  • Fixed an issue where overlapping Fire Wall or Blaze missiles could cause increased damage
  • Fixed an issue with the Amazons bow and crossbow skills not properly applying their Attack Rating bonuses
  • Fixed an issue where Paladin characters couldn’t interact with their stash if they had certain abilities mapped to specific controller buttons
  • Fixed an issue where auras could toggle off and on briefly while performing inventory functions
  • Fixed an issue where the Paladin could begin rubber banding when his mana was depleted while holding down the Charge skill
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t equip Conviction if you were using a bow or crossbow
  • Fixed an issue where Shadow Master would not teleport when using the Dragon Flight ability
  • Fixed an issue where on occasion, monsters revived by the Necromancer couldn’t be unsummoned


  • Fixed an issue on controller where binding an oskill to a button and then binding a common skill would cause the incorrect tooltip to display
  • Fixed an issue where the toggle “run” UI would display the wrong button if Swap Sticks option was enabled when using a controller
  • Fixed an issue affecting players with controllers, where players could not use UI buttons or pick up items when imbuing
  • Fixed an issue where using “R3” to autofill your belt would occasionally fail part way through when using a controller
  • Fixed an issue where a key bind for run/walk toggle would interfere with Paladin auras when using a controller


  • Fixed an issue where a player with a dead mercenary joining another player’s game could cause the dead mercenary to appear in an idle animation
  • Fixed an issue where an Act 2 Mercenary could display the incorrect Aura
  • Dead Mercenaries will no longer appear in town
  • Fixed an issue where Mercenaries would not always teleport with the player


  • Fixed an issue where stunned Grotesques were not targetable
  • Fixed an issue where Tomb Vipers’ Poison Cloud attack was improperly dealing physical damage; the poison clouds now deal proper poison damage
  • Fixed an issue where some of Baal’s projectiles and attacks could display different VFX for different players in the session
  • Fixed an issue where Death Lords’ frenzy attacks wouldn’t animate correctly


  • Fixed an issue where hatched cocoons could reset and become unhatched


  • Fixed an issue where if you attempted to deposit more gold into your stash than the stash could fit, no gold would be deposited at all



  • Optimized various player abilities


  • Optimized various boss encounters and monsters



  • Fixed an issue where the audio could stutter during gameplay
  • Fixed an issue where music could stutter on loading screens


  • Miscellaneous Optimization

Nintendo Switch

  • Fixed an issue when resuming from the title after suspension caused a heavy DRS increase


  • Corrected audio translation on Greiz’s voice over for “Who goes there?” when playing in Chinese
  • Corrected audio translation on Kashya’s voice over for Act 1, Quest 5 when playing in Chinese
  • Corrected issues where some text in some languages could align improperly with the UI bounds
  • Removed the gender prefixes for the speaker’s name in non-English translations
  • Fixed an issue where in certain languages the voice lines were not translated in chat after defeating Baal for the first time



  • Fixed a missing skill link in the skill tree between Ice Blast and Shiver Armor


  • Fixed an issue where a red screen flash would appear when unequipping items that give life bonus or dropping specific items
  • Fixed an issue where the skill icon for Town Portals on controllers wouldn’t turn red when it should
  • Fixed an issue where a player’s cursor could get stuck on the potion belt if they had a sash equipped and used the directional pad while hovering over belt slots


  • Fixed an issue on consoles where the level restriction thresholds for online games display as less than 0 and more than 99


  • Fixed an issue with the automap not showing explored areas when entering a new area from a portal until the player moves around
  • Fixed an issue where level exits wouldn’t always load on the minimap when rapidly teleporting


  • Fixed an issue where indestructible items weren’t visible on your character in the menus
  • Fixed a rare issue on consoles where in-game account names could be missing when joining friends
  • Fixed an issue in the credits where music could stop playing
  • Fixed an issue where newly created characters were not selected/sorted properly upon returning to the front-end
  • Weapons, armor, and shields with no durability remaining will no longer appear on your character in the front end
  • Fixed an issue where auto-accepting a party invite may fail if someone else leaves the party you are joining at the same time

PlayStation 5

  • Fixed an issue in the front end where character creation online/offline button was not deactivating when player has the maximum of characters

PlayStation 4

  • Fixed an issue where if the controller ran out of battery on the title screen it would show an incorrect error message
  • Fixed an issue where the reconnect controller error message window would not close when controller was reconnected
  • Added button hold instead of button press to skip a cinematic

Nintendo Switch

  • Fixed an issue where the initial splash screen animation could become frozen for a few seconds


  • Fixed issues where certain button highlights would be misaligned
  • Fixed an issue on last-gen consoles where resistance icons had some misaligned pixels
  • Fixed an issue where enemy health bars could become improperly sized (Xbox)
  • Fixed an issue when swapping between SD and HD that was causing certain tooltips to shrink
  • Fixed an issue where Baal’s health bar while using a controller would be improperly sized

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