DOOM Eternal Update 6.66 Brings Horde Mode

Bethesda announces the release of DOOM Eternal update 6.66. It brings a host of new additions to the game, including arcade-style Horde Mode, an enhanced BATTLEMODE 2.0 experience, two new Master Stages, and more.

The team can’t wait for you to experience our brand new, three level arcade-style single player Horde Mode (with online leaderboards), two new Master Levels and enough improvements to BATTLEMODE that it’s getting the 2.0 treatment. We are super excited about this release and hope you enjoy playing it as much as we do. Thank you again for your patience and continued support of DOOM Eternal.

Joshua Boyle, Senior Community Manager at Bethesda

Each Horde Mode Mission consists of the following Rounds (pictured below):

  • Arena Round – Arena combat encounter with waves and waves of demons
  • Blitz Round – Kill as many demons as you can before time runs out
  • Bonus Coin Round (optional) – Collect as many coins as you can before time runs out
  • Traversal Round – Navigate a traversal puzzle and collect as many coins as you can before time runs out
  • Bonus Blitz Round (optional) – A Blitz round but with Super Heavy demons and Onslaught (damage multiplier) power-ups!
Horde progress
Image: Bethesda

BATTLEMODE 2.0 DOOM Eternal Update 6.66

Experience an enhanced BATTLEMODE 2 on 1 competitive multiplayer mode that pits two player-controlled demons against a DOOM Slayer armed to the teeth. It’s the biggest and most important update to the game mode so far.

It features a new ranking system and match organization based on streaks with rewards, leaderboards, a new arena: Stronghold, and a new playable demon, the Fear Knight.

Two new Master Phases

In the Mars Core Master and World Spear Phases (requires The Ancient Gods – Part Two ), face clashes with reimagined demons that introduce a new combat experience. Show the world that you’ve mastered these challenges worthy of only the best Slayers.

DOOM Eternal Update 6.66 is now available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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