Duolingo Math Now Available on iOS

Duolingo Math is finally available for iOS device users (which had the first beta of version 16.2 released). The news was announced in August, with the application, which became famous for teaching languages ​​to its audience, began to expand its operations. As a result, the application is starting to teach math to children and even adults.

For starters, the app has content in two different difficulties: one with more basic content, at an elementary level, and another called ‘brain training that focuses on a more advanced age group. Generally speaking, anyone who downloads the app on their iPhone or iPad will be faced with questions that address the following:

  • Fractions;

  • Multiplication;

  • Division;

  • Geometry;

  • Measures;

  • decimals.

These issues can be seen in both difficulties, however, the adult training section will have more complex content and more challenging exercises to solve. All this with many visual elements that are reminiscent of what is already found in the language version of Duolingo.

The application arrives to try to alleviate the anxiety that users have when dealing with mathematics. According to a survey carried out by the company itself, 93% of adults in the United States suffer from this condition. In this way, the intention behind the app is to make math more accessible and fun for all its users.

Currently, the app’s official page doesn’t show much other than a brief disclosure and the download link. Anyone who has an iPhone, some models of iPod Touch, or iPad, can try to download it. But for now, the app is not yet available in Portuguese.

Duolingo has not revealed when the Android version will be in stores.

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