Eastward: Octopia DLC Announced For PC and Switch

Publisher Chucklefish and developer Pixpil have announced Eastward: Octopia, a downloadable expansion for the acclaimed adventure RPG Eastward. The expansion is set to release this holiday for Nintendo Switch and PC.

Eastward: Octopia follows protagonists Sam and John as they start a peaceful new life as farmers in a remote mountainside village. Players will work the land, tend livestock, and cook heartwarming meals for familiar -yet strangely different- friends.

The expansion will add a variety of new content to Eastward, including:

  • A new farming system that allows players to grow crops, raise animals, and craft new items.
  • A new village to explore, with new characters, shops, and quests.
  • New recipes to cook for John’s Big Cookbook.
  • New fishing spots and fish to catch.
  • New ghosts to chat with.
  • New enemies to battle.

Eastward: Octopia will be available as a standalone purchase but will require a copy of the base game to play.

Eastward: Octopia is sure to be a must-have for fans of the base game. With its new farming system, new village to explore, and new recipes to cook, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Eastward: Octopia Features

  • Help Sam & John lead a peaceful new life in the countryside – no miasma, no hardships, just happy times in a parallel universe

  • Revitalize a neglected farmstead; grow crops, rear animals, forage in the wetlands, talk to ghosts, and spend your nights casting your line in the local fishing holes

  • Construct and upgrade stores and homes to restore Seagull Town into a thriving community

  • As the town begins to flourish, more familiar faces will flock to the area – some may even stay for good!

  • Using farm-fresh ingredients and John’s Cookbook, create recipes and whip up delicious culinary delights to share with your neighbors

  • 15-20 hours of pixel-perfect gameplay

  • Playable in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese

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