Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 11 Adds Spectacular Fleet Carrier Interiors

Press Release

March 16, 2022: Update 11 has now launched for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, adding interior environments to Drake-Class Carriers that players can explore on-foot for the very first time. It also brings a new Protect mission type to the game, offering additional first-person combat challenges to complete.

Players can now use Fleet Carriers as social hubs, enjoying the breathtaking first-person views of space while inside these mobile bases. These interiors offer Elite Dangerous: Odyssey players the variety of features and facilities they’re used to at a starport or outpost concourse, and owners can add familiar services on a modular basis: Pioneer Supplies, Vista Genomics, and the Shipyard can all be made accessible to players while on-board.

The Bar will be of particular interest to Commanders. On Fleet Carriers, the Bartender will act as a fully player-driven trading post for all of the resources found while on-foot. The Fleet Carrier owner will be able to manage this service from anywhere in the galaxy, manipulating prices, creating or fulfilling demand, and directly influencing the game’s economy as a result.

Elite Dangerous - Odyssey Fleet Carrier Command

As a customer of a Bartender, players will find new avenues for money-making and obtaining hard-to-find items for upgrading their equipment, driven exclusively by other players.

Protect missions, meanwhile, are available from mission givers and mission boards in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 11. Commanders will defend a specific objective at a given location, then collect a reward once the area is clear.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is available to purchase now on Steam, via the Epic Games Store, or via the Frontier StoreElite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons are available on XboxPlayStationSteam, Epic Games, and the Frontier Store.

Note: In order to play Elite Dangerous: Odyssey or Elite Dangerous: Horizons, players must also own a copy of the Elite Dangerous base game.

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