GAZZLERS Launches on Virtual Reality Platforms

Today marks the release of GAZZLERS, a VR roguelite shooter available on various Virtual Reality platforms. The game is out now on Quest, Steam VR, and PICO VR, with the PS VR2 version following soon after. In this game, players can craft the ultimate weapons to take on hordes of eccentric enemies, employing shooting, blocking, and dodging tactics.

GAZZLERS is an insane VR shooter packed with diesel-powered mayhem! Ride an epic train across Ginkgo’s lands, craft your ultimate weapon, and battle through hordes of wild foes on your quest to reach the Temple of the Machine God.

Prepare for unexpected twists, jaw-dropping weapon upgrades, and gratifying abilities as you embark on an electrifying, on-rails adventure where sharp wits and precision lead to triumph!

GAZZLERS Key Features

  • PILGRIMAGE OF STEEL – Embark on the Pilgrimage in your trusty locomotive with nothing more than your gun and your shield. Travel across the lands of Ginkgo, discover new enemies, and use weapons left behind by the fallen Pilgrims.
  • FIGHT THE GAZZLERS – Fight hordes of Gazzlers, insane creatures riding their mechanical contraptions, dead set on stopping you in your tracks. Discover the strategies behind their crazy clunkers so you can find the best way to beat them.
  • BUILD CRAZY WEAPONS – Unlock different weapon components and mods that impact the workings of your gun. Upgrade and combine the parts you find on your Pilgrimage to create a weapon so insane that it just might work!
  • ONE MORE RUN – GAZZLERS is an on-rails arcade VR shooter that features a roguelite-inspired encounter system. Get as far as you can, collect Scrap, upgrade your skills, and take on the Pilgrimage once more, stronger than ever!
  • MOVE IT! – Built exclusively for VR, GAZZLERS will keep you on your toes as you’ll have to physically aim, block, and dodge your way through an insane journey full of hilarious encounters.

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