Google Drive on Android and iOS Get Search Improvements

Google has been working to improve the user experience for its products and services. The cloud storage service, Google Drive has become even more robust, with a new file shortcut system, better integration with Gmail, and even the possibility to open Microsoft Word documents without converting to Google Docs.

The search giant is now following the service improvements and today announced through its official blog two new features that will be implemented in the Drive search system on Android and iOS. The features are very similar to functions already present in the company’s search app and promise to make usability easier and more agile.

“We’re launching new features for the Google Drive mobile apps that will help you search more quickly and efficiently. Now, Android and iOS users with the latest versions of the Drive app will be able to see and re-run recent desktop and mobile searches. View and select intelligent suggestions as they type, including suggestions for people, past searches, and keywords, as well as recently accessed files.” Google Blog.

The first is search history. By tapping the top bar to perform a search, the application will show all recent searches, giving quick access to those who need to access a specific document multiple times. Smart suggestions are another big news, suggesting specific documents and folders as the user types what they are looking for.

According to Google, both features are designed precisely to help those who had their workday affected by the pandemic, making it possible to “find files quickly and easily on your phone ensuring that you can still share, review, collaborate and create wherever you are. “. The search history and smart suggestions will reach all Google Drive users on Android and iOS over the next few days.

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