HarmonyOS Announced for Mobile and Other Devices

Along with its new MediaPad Pro series, Huawei also made official its new HarmonyOS operating system. The company’s intention is to create a platform that integrates with many different devices. The new OS can be used on mobile phones and other series of devices, such as Smart TVs, tablets, smartwatches, and other Internet of Things devices.

The platform has the ability to serve both high-end phones and devices that can come with up to 128 KB of RAM memory, which would comprise Intelligence of Things appliances.

One of the main features of the interface is the presence of the so-called Control Panel. With it, the user will be able to have a management center for connected devices in the palm of his hand.

It will come with widgets that let you control Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections without having to access settings. In addition, the owner will be able to play a song and choose which streaming service will be played, as well as the device to play it.

It is through this part that the user will have the option to turn their connected devices on or off, as well as integrate them directly to the smartphone, through icons that make this connection when dragged towards the “bubble” that represents the cell phone.

HarmonyOS Connect

With HarmonyOS, a person would be able to connect the smartphone to a tablet or a PC, for example, and have the small screen inside the larger monitor, to drag content and facilitate editing, for example, or directly integrate messaging applications.

You can also transfer a videoconference to a Smart TV, in order to have an image applied to what is possible to observe in the call.

This possibility is what Huawei calls combining devices to form Super Devices, that is, something that will have more than one function in a single space, due to the ability to combine with the ecosystem.

To facilitate connection between different devices, Huawei promises to provide integration between the products only by bringing one device closer to another. As an example, you can integrate a smartphone to a microwave connected just by bringing the phone closer to the appliance. On screen you will have recipes and other smart features.

Service Center

HarmonyOS will also have a Service Center for smartphones, tablets and smart watches, with the objective of housing all available widgets in a single space, in addition to a series of important information for you.

HarmonyOS vs EMUI

Huawei still promises to deliver a system that has more performance than Android-based EMUI. To do this, the company’s secret would be internal storage management.

The ROM memory of the new platform would be able to better manage the space with new data entered, so that, even though it is practically full, it will not affect the user’s performance in browsing.

The Chinese manufacturer also stated that, with HarmonyOS, it will be possible to play a game at 90 fps for more than an hour of additional autonomy, compared to an iPhone 12 with a rate of 60 fps.

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