Hassle-Free Tracking With The Best Android Monitoring App

If we look years back, we can see how much people were spending money to adopt spying technology. Many of the companies were doing fraud. Some were taking money and disappearing from the scene. On the other hand, some were making fools of people by offering fake traits.

In such circumstances, people stop believing in online spying application providers. This affects the right sellers’ businesses as well. But in all situations, TOS was the only spying company that is continuously providing authentic services.

TOS was the only best Android monitoring app serving with a variety of efficient features, but also providing reliable services. That’s the only reason behind its success. After reading this article, you will get a clear brand image in your mind.

About TheOneSpy App – Best Android Monitoring App

TOS only encourages ethical supervision of your kids or employees. TOS provides easy access to track all digital activities of the targeted person from anywhere. TheOneSpy only supports ethical and legal spying in the form of parental control apps and employee monitoring solutions. It strictly discourages intrusive spying for the sake of getting some confidential data.

For this purpose, TOS follows its verification policy. And after proper investigation, then it gives its subscription.

TOS Rich Features and their Functions

Although TOS offers 250 plus outstanding tracking features, here we will see the most supportive ones only. Let’s get started.

  • Live 360 Surround Listener
    This enables the user to listen to the live voices in the surroundings of the targeted person. It not only catches the targeted person’s voice but also provides surrounding people’s conversation.
  • Live 360 Streaming
    With this streaming feature, the user can view and listen to the live surrounding the targeted person. Its direct control allows the user to spy on both the front and back camera.
  • SMS Tracker
    A user can remotely dig out all text messages/conversations of the targeted device. The user needs to install the app and activate SMS tracking features from their online cloud account.
  • Call Logs
    It unveils all incoming and outgoing calls occurring on the targeted phone. Users can also get the exact timestamp of any call and track the most used numbers as well.
  • Password Chaser
    This smart tool enables the user to spy on all pin codes and pattern passwords put by a targeted person on their device. It helps the user to make sure that the targeted person is not hiding anything from their guardian or owner.
  • Social Media Tracker
    With this feature, you can track which your targeted person most visits social app/site. You can spy on their social circles, activities, and secret accounts as well. This feature smoothly works for all social apps like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Instant Screenshot Tacker
    Instant Screenshot taker allows the user to capture the image of any useless activity that the targeted person performs. For busy routine people, it allows setting an automatic screenshot command.
  • Live Screen Recorder
    It allows the user to record the screen of the targeted device at any time. The user needs to set a command on their cloud account for recording the screen for specific activities.
  • Email Tracker
    Email tracker spies on all sent and received an email with exact time and date. It also provides spam, archived, and deleted email data on a single command.
  • Location Tracker
    GPS location tracker tracks the MAP locations. It not only provides an exact /live location but also provides previous MAP routes with the right date and time. Users can get the last week, month, or whole year GPS history of the targeted phone to know about the targeted person’s most visited locations.
  • Geo-Fencing
    This incredible feature allows the user to pin the safe and unsafe locations on the targeted person’s device map. So, whenever he/she visits that location, the user could get an instant alert about it.

It turns out that TheOneSpy is the only best Android monitoring app that provides the most powerful monitoring features. Its features’ fast and high performance reflects its value.
We hope you will get a helpful guide in this article. Carefully analyze by yourself, and upon getting satisfaction, you can conveniently order the desired app online.

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