How to Make an Aquarium in Minecraft

You’ve been playing Minecraft, Mojang’s well-known sandbox title, and you’ve learned how to make a lot of constructions such as making Quartz in Minecraft. However, there are some that still get you in trouble because you don’t really know where to start building them. One of them is the aquarium in Minecraft.

Well, I understand that it is not very easy to figure out how to do something like that. Anyway, don’t worry: in this guide, I am going to explain in detail how to make an aquarium in Minecraft. Finally, I will also explain how to beautify the structure you are going to establish a bit, to contextualize it in your environment.

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to make an aquarium in Minecraft, I think you might be interested in learning more about this possibility.

Well, within the title of Mojang there are different types of fish from cod to salmon, tropical fish, and pufferfish. The latter are found in the various watercourses scattered on the map and can be placed inside an aquarium. However, it is good to know that there is no such thing as an aquarium, but you can build one.

Some players think that in Minecraft you can only catch fish, but in reality, you can also “catch” with a bucket. The cube is created by combining 3 units of iron ingots.

In either case, once you have a bucket, you can “catch” the fish simply by going to a stream, filling the bucket with water, and interacting with the fish while holding it. You can catch practically any fish and you will get, for example, the pufferfish bucket object.

This will allow you to place the fish inside the aquarium and remove them from the bucket without too much trouble. In short, the “catch” of fish in Minecraft is possible.

As for the aquarium itself, there aren’t really many materials required. You just have to get a few blocks of any kind to create a wall, hatches (created with 6 units of planks), and glass to close the aquarium. For more information, I suggest you check out my tutorial on how to make glass in Minecraft.

In short, by following my instructions and “leaning” on this tool you should have no particular problems in achieving your goal.

How to Make an Aquarium in Minecraft 2021

After explaining the possibilities that the game offers, I would say that it is time to take action and create an aquarium in Minecraft.

  1. To proceed, make a wall out of any type of block. I advise you to do it in 6 x 6, with a thickness of 2 blocks.
  2. Now, break 4 blocks placed in the center to create a “hole”.
  3. Place 4 blocks on the ground, 2 “in” the hole and 2 “out.”
  4. At this point, take the traps and place them around the outer blocks you just placed.
  5. Next, place glass panels on the sides and in front of the front blocks.
  6. Now, take the bucket (I explained how to do it in the previous chapter), fill it with any stream of water and use it to fill the aquarium with water. The hatches should “hold” the water.
  7. After that, fill the bucket with water (in survival mode, you just have to use it in a water source) and find a watercourse where there are fish.
  8. Then approach the fish you want to “catch” (you can catch one at a time), use the bucket of water and you will get the item Bucket with fish in the inventory (for example, a “bucket with cod”).
  9. So go back to your aquarium and put the fish inside. Perfect, now you can use the bucket again to catch more fish (of course you still have to fill it with water) and that’s it.
  10. Once you have caught the fish and inserted the appropriate elements to decorate the aquarium, you can “close” the top with hatches. Now you have your aquarium in Minecraft!

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