Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge Restricts Inappropriate Content

Microsoft has released a new child Mode feature to its Edge browser. According to the company Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge focuses on kids offering kid-friendly features and safety guardrails in place. Child mode is primarily to prevent children from accidentally accessing confusing or unsafe content on the Internet.

When switching to this mode, the user must realize that the content selected for children should appear on the homepage. In addition, the browser must also offer special themes with playful colors and characters.

Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge

The new feature does not require the user to create a specific account for the child with their personal information. In addition, Edge must offer content based on the child’s age group: 5 to 8 years and 9 years and over.

Things to note for Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge: 

  • You can always change your age selection in edge://settings/family
  • After you select the appropriate age, your current browsing window will be saved and closed and a new window for Kids Mode opens in full screen.
  • Until you exit Kids Mode, Microsoft Edge will always launch in Kids Mode.

For now, Child Mode in Microsoft Edge is only available in the United States on Windows 10 or macOS. Anyway, Microsoft promises that soon the feature will be available in other countries.

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