Minecraft Mod That Runs Super Mario 64 in the Game

We know that fans are very creative when they want to and end up implementing changes in games that often look better than the content created by the developers themselves. The latest proof of this is a Minecraft mod created by @pdxdylan on Twitter that puts the charismatic Mario 64 inside Minecraft.

Unlike other mods created for Minecraft, the Mario 64 created by Dylan has some actions very characteristic of its counterpart in the Nintendo game, including the ability to be able to swim and jump and scream when coming in contact with the lava.

In addition, the friendly plumber can also jump higher, punch enemies and animals, and even hang from ceiling railings.

A video shared by the modder shows that the result is really positive, making us want to try the work:

Unfortunately, due to Nintendo’s record of being totally against modifications using its intellectual properties, Dylan states that he should not release the package for public download for fear of being sued by the company.

So, we’ll have to settle for the videos published by Dylan, which no longer give us a pretty good idea of ​​how this would make Minecraft even more fun. Let us know what you think about this Minecraft mod.

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