“New World” MMORPG From Amazon Games Released

Amazon Games, a game studio division of the online retailing company Amazon, officially releases the MMORPG “New World” for PCs. The company started the game distribution platform “Steam“. The number of simultaneous connections exceeded 500,000 within 28 days. On the other hand, because we do not provide a server for Asia, some users have said that it will take time to log in, and the evaluation on Steam’s review system is a mixture of favorable and unpopular “pros and cons” (as of the same day).

New World is a game in which players cooperate and are hostile while adventuring and fighting on an island where magic exists. The price is USD 39.99 for the Standard Edition and 49.99 USD for the Deluxe Edition with benefits such as in-game items. In addition to the United States and Europe, we have data centers in areas such as Australia and South America.

New World: Launch Trailer

Initially, it was planned to be available in May 2020, but due to the effects of the corona wreck, the release has been postponed four times. Regarding Amazon’s game business, in addition to New World, the competitive action game “Breakaway” and the shooting game “Crucible” were announced in 2016.

However, Breakaway was discontinued before the service started, Crucible was released in May 2008, but the service ended in the same year, and the situation did not lead to a hit.

Interested users can go and grab a copy of the game from Amazon.com.

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