Nomad iPhone 12 Case With Moment M-Series Lenses Support Released

Nomad brings a new protective cover for the iPhone 12 that brings support for Apple’s MagSafe and Moment’s M-Series lens. It allows the user to use the 18mm Wide or 58mm Tele lens, suitable for those who use the smartphone for photos. The new Nomad iPhone 12 case is called “Rugged Case for Moment”.

Rugged Case for Moment is designed to work seamlessly with Moment lenses. Just rotate your Moment lens into place with a 90° turn and you’re ready to get shooting.

The accessory is compatible with several models of lenses, but they are not included. The case also features two attachment points, allowing the user to add a safety lanyard to prevent accidental drops from the phone. In addition to the recent launch, Nomad also sells a wireless charger that is intended to replace the use of conventional chargers on the iPhone.

Nomad iPhone 12 Cases With Moment M-Series Lenses Support

For now, the new Nomad iPhone 12 case is available exclusively for the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max. It can be purchased through Nomad’s official website for US$59.95.

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