Online Reviews Influencing 40% of the Hotel Aggregator Bookings

New RedSeer research in the online travel space shows that out of all travelers using online hotel aggregator platforms for their bookings, 3/4th of them report that they had become aware of these online hotels via online and social media channels.

This is a stunningly high number by any standard and shows how the impact of traditional awareness channels like friends/relatives and offline media have come down over time as digital adoption has risen.

Hotel Aggregator Bookings

An additional and perhaps more important take away from the research is that- 40% of all travelers using these platforms now read online reviews of other travelers before making their hotel booking decision. As increasing number of travelers have adapted to the digital world via affordable devices and data plans, they prefer to go online for all stages of the booking journey.

For hotel companies in the space, the above findings have a two-fold implication –

  • There is a need to continue to invest in digital and social media marketing to drive customer engagement and influence
  • Players need to continue to develop more reliable and trustworthy online review platforms on their own sites
  • Most importantly, it is more crucial than now than ever before for hotel platforms to track and improve their review scores on third party websites- something which can be achieved by delivering a superior customer experience day in day out.

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