Samsung One UI 5.1 Comes With New Features

At the Galaxy Unpacked 2023 event, Samsung launched new products that also include the Galaxy S23 series. It’s the latest generation top-of-the-line smartphone series that will bring the new version of the brand’s user interface Samsung One UI 5.1 based on Android 13 bringing several improvements and features to ensure more productivity for users.

Samsung OneUI 5.1 Features

  1. Better Integration

One of the areas in which Samsung has invested the most is the integration of its product ecosystem, and this is one of the main focuses of One UI 5.1. After bringing continuous web browsing between cell phones and notebooks in the Galaxy family, Samsung will add several new features in terms of the integration of these devices.

In addition to tablets, starting with One UI 5.1, mobile phones will also be compatible with the mouse, keyboard, or trackpad of notebooks. This will allow users to copy and paste text, drag and drop images and do much more between devices.

Another change will allow users to connect to the “routed” internet from their cell phone through a single click on the Galaxy Book, without the need to activate the function on the smartphone.

2. Collaborative Editing of Notes With Google Meet

Fruit of the long-standing partnership between Samsung and Google, the South Korean cell phones will have a unique feature that will allow you to edit notes in collaboration with other people during a virtual meeting on Meet, the big tech video-conferencing application.

3. Camera and Gallery Improvements

One UI 5.1 brings improvements to the native camera application of the line’s models. With the update, users will be able to access Expert RAW — which allows capturing images without post-processing or compression — through the “More” section, eliminating the need to open the application dedicated to professional photography.

Another highlight of the update will be recommending photos to be added to the shared Family album. The operating system will recognize the faces of family members and suggest that the user include them in the folder. Another addition is the possibility to select where the screenshots (the famous “prints”) will be stored.

4. More Customization
One UI 5.1 will allow you to set a different wallpaper on your lock screen and home screen based on your “mode”. It will be possible to choose backgrounds for work profile, study, physical activity, and much more.

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