“Steve Jobs” Edition iPhone 12 Pro by Caviar Launched

After Joe Biden and Donald Trump, another “Steve Jobs” edition iPhone 12 Pro by Caviar was launched. Caviar is a Russian company and its iPhone series comes with three different models, in all of them, the Russian company pays tribute to the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, who passed away in 2011.

Caviar’s new collection arrives with editions iPhone 12 Pro Jobs 4 Gold, Jobs 4 White, and the Jobs 4 Black. Each of them bears the signature of the former Apple CEO at the bottom of their backs. It is followed by the phrase “Think different”, or “Think different.

In addition, the Apple logo on the device still brings a detail that the company says is the high collar of Steve Jobs, a common piece in the businessman’s clothing. The Jobs 4 Black iPhone 12 Pro by Caviar is made with durable black titanium.

While White is covered with enamel jewelry and the silver Apple logo. The Gold version, on the other hand, is better crafted and receives luxurious details. It has 18-carat gold in its construction and in the stylization of the Apple logo.

Price and Availability of “Steve Jobs” Edition iPhone 12 Pro Cover

All models have only 10 units. The price of black and white variants are $ 6,490 and $ 7,060, respectively. The Gold edition will be sold for $ 8,140 for the 128 GB edition, $ 9,220 for the 256 GB model, and $ 9,600 for the 512 GB, which is based on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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