Street Fighter 6: Chun-Li Character Move List, Tips & More

Chun-Li is an iconic character in the Street Fighter series known for her fast and agile fighting style. In Street Fighter 6, Chun-Li retains her classic moveset and playstyle, making her a versatile and well-rounded fighter. One interesting thing people ask about Li is her age.

How old is Chun Li in Street Fighter 6?

Chun-Li’s age in Street Fighter 6 can be a topic of speculation due to the complexities of the Street Fighter timeline. Born on March 1, 1968, if we consider the real-world timeline, Chun-Li would be 55 years old in Street Fighter 6, which was released in February 2023.

However, it’s important to note that the Street Fighter timeline can be confusing. The first game in the series, Street Fighter, was released in 1987, but its events are set in 1984. This means that the characters’ stated ages may not align accurately with the game’s release dates.

Ultimately, Capcom has the authority to determine how the Street Fighter timeline will be handled in Street Fighter 6. Until official information is provided, we can only speculate about Chun-Li’s age in the game.

Here’s a guide to Chun-Li’s move list, playstyle, strategies, and tips to help you master her in Street Fighter 6:

Chun-Li Move List:

Lightning Kick: Chun-Li’s signature move, performed by rapidly pressing the kick buttons. It’s a fast multi-hit attack that can punish opponents and create pressure.

Spinning Bird Kick: Charge down, then up and kick. This move is great for anti-air, as Chun-Li spins upward, hitting opponents out of the air with multiple kicks.

Hyakuretsukyaku: Quarter-circle forward and kick. Chun-Li performs a series of rapid kicks while moving forward. It’s a useful combo ender and can be used to punish opponents.

Kikoken: Quarter-circle forward and punch. Chun-Li releases a projectile that travels horizontally across the screen. It can be used to control space and zone opponents.


Chun-Li excels in a hit-and-run playstyle, utilizing her speed and mobility to keep opponents at bay. She is strong at both close and mid-range, with a mix of fast normals and special moves. Her goal is to maintain control of the match by pressuring opponents with her quick attacks and punishing their mistakes.

Strategies and Tips:

Utilize her mobility: Chun-Li’s speed and mobility are her greatest assets. Use her dashes, jumps, and quick normals to keep opponents guessing and avoid being predictable.

Punish with Lightning Kick: Lightning Kick is a great punishment tool. When an opponent whiffs a move or leaves themselves open, execute a Lightning Kick combo for significant damage.

Mix up your attacks: Chun-Li has a diverse moveset, including overhead attacks, command grabs, and cross-up attacks. Mix up your attacks to keep opponents guessing and make it difficult for them to defend.

Master her anti-airs: Chun-Li’s Spinning Bird Kick is an excellent anti-air move. Use it to knock opponents out of the air when they attempt to jump in on you. Timing is crucial, so practice the move’s inputs to ensure consistency.

Use Kikoken for zoning: Kikoken is a versatile tool for controlling space and zoning opponents. Use it to create distance, force opponents to approach, and set up your offense.

V-Trigger and Critical Art: Chun-Li’s V-Trigger and Critical Art can turn the tide of a match. Learn to effectively incorporate them into your combos and punish opportunities for maximum damage.

Remember, mastering Chun-Li requires practice, patience, and adaptability. Experiment with her moveset, study matchups against other characters, and refine your strategies to become a formidable Chun-Li player in Street Fighter 6.

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