The Best Ways to Avoid Glitches in PUBG Mobile

Your top goal in PUBG PC or PUBG Mobile should be to get rid of or fix glitches at all costs. Glitches in the game can easily ruin your entire experience and make you unable to play the game effectively. The following are the best ways to avoid glitches in PUBG PC or PUBG Mobile.

Fix/Prevent Lag, Glitches, and Frame Drops in PUBG Mobile

  • Restart the Game

Glitches are a part of any major game release, so it’s important to keep that in mind when logging on. If you happen upon a glitch during your run, there’s really no other way around it—you need to close out of your session and restart. It’s not fun, but it beats having your character stuck in an invisible wall or flying through space as an animated corpse.

  • Go Offline

To avoid glitches in PUBG, you can go offline if possible on a PC or mobile device. Your internet connection can greatly affect your game performance, especially when you’re trying to connect with other players or join a match. Don’t switch off Wi-Fi completely (the public library will thank you), but set your device to Airplane Mode and make sure it stays that way during gameplay. When there are no distractions from online play, your game should run more smoothly.

  • Set Network Preferences

When playing on PUBG’s servers, make sure that your network preferences are set correctly. High packet loss, high ping, and lag can all be signs of a bad connection. Try switching your network settings to reduce your ping and improve overall connection quality. For example, you could try setting your device’s MTU to 1492 or lower. If you’re using a wireless adapter or router at home or office, disable power-saving features if they’re turned on.

  • Turn Off Anti-Virus Software

One of the primary causes of lag, disconnects, and other annoying issues while playing games is anti-virus software. Your computer sees a game as a virus; therefore your software goes into overdrive trying to get rid of it. This puts an unnecessary strain on your CPU and RAM—and also slows down your gaming performance by up to 50%. Make sure your anti-virus is off when you’re playing PUBG or any other online game.

  • Use an Alternative Web Browser

When you can’t avoid bugs, a good backup plan is to use an alternative web browser like Google Chrome. While glitches and lag are annoying in general, they’re even more frustrating when it causes you to get killed by another player. So if there are times when your game seems less than perfect, consider changing up your internet browser.

  • Download New Files From Other PCs

If you play on a computer that isn’t your own or use multiple PCs (one at home and one at work, for example), make sure you update every machine with fresh files—the last thing you want is a game crash mid-game due to stale files. To make sure everything is up-to-date, download new files from other PCs before you begin playing. (Keep old save files around too, just in case.)

  • Log Out and Log Back In Again

If you’re having trouble joining your friends on PUBG Mobile, one good fix is logging out and logging back in again. To do so, go to Settings > Google Play Games > Reset Game Data. If you don’t have access to your game data—perhaps because it disappeared with a factory reset or you can’t log into Google Play—you may have more difficulty contacting customer support.

  • Verify your cache files

To fix or avoid glitches on PUBG, first, try verifying your game files. This can be done through Steam or by manually downloading patch files directly from PUBG Corporation.

  • Uninstall then Reinstall PUBG Mobile

While it seems counterintuitive, reinstalling PUBG on your mobile phone can actually clear up any pesky glitches. Start by removing your game from all devices; you’ll need to uninstall it from both your smartphone and tablet. Then, once that’s complete, head over to Google Play or Apple App Store and download a fresh copy of PUBG Mobile for each device.

  • Restore Game Files to Default Settings

If you’re trying to repair errors or any other issues, restoring your game files to default settings may be a quick fix. To restore your game files: Open Steam and go to Library (located on top of the screen) Select Games Right-click PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Select Properties From LOCAL FILES tab, select Verify integrity of game cache. This will download all of your game files again.

So, you can try the above-mentioned fixes to avoid glitches on PUBG and let us know if any of them worked or not.

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