The Harley-Davidson X440: A Gateway to Harley-Davidson Ownership

The Harley-Davidson X440 stands out as the most budget-friendly motorcycle from the brand, catering to individuals intrigued by the brand but seeking an economical option. Propelled by a 440cc single-cylinder engine, the X440 generates 27 bhp and 38 Nm of torque, equipped with a 6-speed transmission and a fuel tank capacity of 13.5 liters.

With its retro-inspired aesthetics reminiscent of the iconic Harley-Davidson motorcycles from the 1970s, the X440 appeals to a growing number of Indian buyers in search of motorcycles with a timeless appearance. It will give decent competition to other bikes in the segment like TVS Ronin, Royal Enfield Hunter 350, etc.

Overall, the X440 presents a favorable choice for individuals in pursuit of an affordable, stylish, and user-friendly Harley-Davidson motorcycle. While it may not boast the highest power output or an abundance of advanced features compared to other Harley-Davidson models, it serves as an excellent entry point into the brand, allowing enthusiasts to embrace the Harley-Davidson experience without straining their finances.

Harley-Davidson X440 Specifications and Features

Harley-Davidson motorcycles have built a reputation for their commanding engines, timeless design, and smooth ride. Here are the key specifications and features that define Harley-Davidson motorcycles:

Engine: Harley-Davidson motorcycles house a diverse range of engines, from V-twin and parallel twin engines to single-cylinder engines. Engine capacities span from 500cc to 1250cc.

Transmission: Typically, Harley-Davidson motorcycles are equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission. Additionally, certain models offer the option of a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Brakes: Front and rear disc brakes are standard on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Some models also integrate ABS (anti-lock braking system) for enhanced safety.

Suspension: Harley-Davidson motorcycles employ a front fork suspension system paired with a rear monoshock suspension. This setup ensures a comfortable ride, even on uneven road surfaces.

Wheels and Tires: Alloy wheels and tubeless tires are common features of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. These tires are designed to provide excellent traction and handling capabilities.

Styling: Harley-Davidson motorcycles exude a classic American aesthetic. Notable features include large V-twin engines, chrome accents, and plush seats that prioritize rider comfort.

Features: Harley-Davidson motorcycles come equipped with a range of features to enhance the riding experience. These may include a digital instrument cluster, a USB charging port, and Bluetooth connectivity. Some models may also offer heated grips and a cruise control system.

Harley-Davidson X440 Ex-Showroom India Price and Variants

The Harley-Davidson X440 is available in three variants: Denim, Vivid, and S. The ex-showroom prices for the three variants are as follows:

  • Denim: Rs. 2,29,000
  • Vivid: Rs. 2,49,000
  • S: Rs. 2,69,000

The main difference between the three variants is the type of wheels. The Denim variant has spoked wheels, while the Vivid and S variants have alloy wheels. The S variant also has a few other features, such as a different seat, a rear disc brake, and ABS.

Here is a table that summarizes the key differences between the three variants:

VariantSpoked WheelsAlloy Wheels
Rear Disc BrakeNoYes

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