Toreto Introduces Wireless Power Bank Zest Pro, Supports Wide Range of Smartphones

If you use smartphones, you can understand the need for PowerBank very well. Tech company Toreto has launched a wireless charger power bank, called Zest Pro. Obviously, it is quite different from other common power banks. Through Zest Pro Wireless Power Bank, you can charge your smartphone without connecting to the cable.

Zest Pro Power Bank
Image: Toreto

This power bank has a 10,000mAh battery and the special thing is that it is light in weight. The second feature of this Power Bank is that it also gives the option of wire charging, so if your smartphone does not support wireless charging, then you can charge your phone via cable too.

There are 2 USB ports in this power bank i.e., you can charge by connecting two devices simultaneously. Apart from the wireless power bank, the company has also launched Zest Power Bank, which has 10,000mAh of battery and has two USB ports. It is not wireless and you will need cable to charge it.

Toreto Zest Pro Wireless Power Bank weighs 202 grams and the company claims that it is also very slim. To use the Power Bank’s wireless feature, your smartphone must have wireless charging support. For example, iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X have wireless charging support, so if you have these smartphones you can charge it. Many of Samsung’s high-end smartphones support wireless charging. To charge your smartphone from this wireless power bank, you have to keep your smartphone on the Power Bank.

The price of this wireless power bank is Rs 2,999 and it can be purchased in two colour options, Royal Black and Classic White. It can be purchased from e-commerce websites or retail stores.

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