YouTube Brings ‘Breaking News’ Section Across All Platforms

Don’t be shocked if you see breaking news on YouTube homepage, because the network sharing website has started showing a new “Breaking News” section in people’s feeds today across platforms. The feature was first reported by Android Police, stating, “There’s a new “Breaking News” section within the YouTube feed that has appeared for many, and it’s exactly what you’d expect – a collection of videos pertaining to breaking news around the world.

Breaking news on YouTube
Android Police

The breaking news feed will appear only when a user is logged into Google account. Right now, we don’t know whether it’s a part of beta program or rolled out as final release and for how long will it go.

The screenshot shared by Android Police shows that there is a horizontally-scrollable format of seven videos and there is same news for everyone in the same general region. If you are not interested in the current news YouTube gives the option to remove it. On desktop hit the “x” or the “Not interested” button in the three-dot menu on mobile devices.

We are keeping an eye on this, so stay tuned for further updates.

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