10 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android in 2022

Battery saver apps for Android provide a detailed description of the battery consumption of apps running on your phone, as well as provide features to help you save battery and extend battery life. Some of the good battery monitoring apps even have power-saving features that help you tweak device settings to maximize battery life.

So, if you are looking for some best power-saving apps then here is a list.

10 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

1. Battery Power Saver

Battery Power Saver

This battery saver app is impressive in that it will give you a detailed report like how much battery is left, how you should be using your phone based on the battery drain pattern, and more. Battery Power Saver helps you analyze and control your battery usage by showing you how much power is being consumed by background apps.

With this app, you can extend your battery life up to 200%, when you connect your device to a charger. Battery Power Saver is the best utility to optimize your phone’s battery and RAM to make your phone run faster. Besides a power booster, the one-click battery saver app also provides a charging booster, running app optimizer, battery monitor, memory manager, cleaner, and more.

2. ADU Battery Saver

ADU Battery Saver

The most notable features of the ADU Battery Saver are Battery Info, One-Tap Battery Saver, Phone Locker, etc. This power saver app offers a wide range of useful tools like power saver mode, power saver battery charging time, 360 Battery Plus Protector, one-click power saving, and many more, just to ensure fast battery charging.

3. Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is one of the best and most popular batteries saving software that offers many features. It offers features such as one-touch power optimization, charge status monitoring, power drain app management, remaining battery life, deleting apps when the screen is off, and what not to save and prolong the battery life of your cell phone. With many free features, this Battery Doctor app seems like the best choice you can try.

4. Go Battery Pro

GO Battery Pro

One of the best features of Go Battery Pro lets you know how long you can watch videos, play games, or listen to songs based on battery health.

5. AccuBattery


You can view screen time, processor, and battery life in AccuBattery to be aware of what may have affected battery life and know exactly how long the battery will last. In addition to battery monitoring, you can also use AccuBattery to see how fast a charger or USB cable is charging a device, not based on predictions, but by actually measuring the charging current.

6. Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery Saver also includes a smart technical calculator that lets you know exactly how much battery life is running based on various factors. It also offers a feature that tells you the optimal battery level, which is 80 percent depending on the app.

7. GSam Battery Monitor

GSam Battery Monitor

GSam Battery Monitor can give you information about apps that are draining your battery. Quickly check your battery level by monitoring the apps and processes that are consuming battery power. This app scans your phone, detects, and suggests which app is not ideal for optimal use of your battery.

8. Battery Guru

Battery Guru

It automatically detects the remaining battery hours so you can be alerted when it’s used up. Battery Guru includes temperature and battery limit notifications so you don’t run out of battery early.

9. Kaspersky Battery Life

Kaspersky Battery Life

In addition to assessing battery life, Kaspersky Battery Life analyzes battery health and provides more detailed battery statistics such as capacity, voltage, and state of charge depending on the version of OS you are using.

10. Smart Phone Cleaner

Smart Phone Cleaner

Smart Phone Cleaner also has a one-click booster to optimize the performance of your Android device. It cleans cache files, removes junk files, saves battery power, effectively monitors and manages apps. It also protects your phone from any malicious attacks.

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