2017 E-Tailing Festive Season- How to Win The Hearts of Customers and Sellers

In the past editions of this press note, we have looked at what transpired during past editions of the e-tailing festive season. In our next few press release, we shift focus to the current festive season and what trends are likely to emerge this time around.

                                 Key success levels for e-tailers in the 2017 festive season

RedSeer’ research of 50,000+ customers and sellers over the last 1 year has uncovered the key success levers that e-tailers need to pull to have high stakeholder satisfaction during the festive season.  As per the research, customers want the e-tailers to focus on the below aspects-

  • Customers have suffered in the past due to a less than optimum customer support and delivery experience- they have high expectations this time around
  • High discount on important exclusives and other SKUs is crucial, coupled with a smooth app experience. Especially in the payments and checkout process

Seller’s needs, on the other hand, are focused on reliability and clarity. As such they are looking for a simple logistics process and seller panel interface, coupled with a fast and reliable package pickup and payment process.

Commenting on the success levers of this year’s sales- Anil Kumar, Founder, and CEO, RedSeer Consulting, says- “ It is absolutely imperative for e-tailers to get the customer and seller experience 100% right this time around. This is especially important on the customer side, as thousands of first-time internet users driven by Jio effect will shop online this season. And it is crucial to delight them in order to make them stick to online shopping in future”

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