AGON PRO AG275QXL is The Official League of Legends Gaming Monitor

AGON by AOC, a renowned gaming monitor, and gaming accessories brand, has partnered with Riot Games to introduce the AGON PRO AG275QXL. This is the official League of Legends Edition gaming monitor in India. This groundbreaking gaming monitor is the first of its kind, inspired by the popular game League of Legends and its iconic Hextech technology.

Designed exclusively for the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) experience, this newly launched gaming monitor showcases a distinctive design and exceptional features tailored specifically for League of Legends enthusiasts. Starting from May 2023, the AG275QXL monitor will be readily available in the Indian market.

With its unique attributes, this monitor delivers an unparalleled experience for League of Legends fans. As the world’s most-played PC game, League of Legends involves millions of players engaging in high-stakes competition.

AGON PRO AG275QXL gaming monitor

AGON has carefully crafted this monitor to provide players everywhere with the ultimate Rift experience. Notably, it incorporates reactive lighting that responds to in-game events, further enhancing immersion.

Players of this renowned title will immediately recognize the AG275QXL’s distinct style, characterized by an exciting Hextech-inspired design that seamlessly merges the realms of magic and technology.

“We are thrilled to introduce the AGON PRO AG275QXL gaming monitor to the Indian market. With its stunning display, lightning-fast refresh rate, and customizable features, the AGON PRO AG275QXL is the ultimate tool for gamers who demand nothing but the best. The collaboration with Riot Games has been exciting for us wherein we have merged our extensive knowledge of monitor technology with the enchantment of League of Legends. With this partnership, we aim to provide the League of Legends community with an unparalleled gaming experience that showcases the power of AOC Monitors.”

Mr. Atul Jasra, Country Head-India, AOC (TPV Technology India Pvt. Ltd.)

AGON PRO AG275QXL Features

The AG275QXL presents a range of exceptional features designed specifically for League of Legends enthusiasts. These features include the League of Legends Mode, LoL QuickSwitch, exclusive power on/off sounds, Light FX Sync, and the LoL Signature OSD design.

Every aspect of the monitor reflects the essence of League of Legends, with the chassis and stand adorned with elements inspired by the iconic Hextech design found throughout the League of Legends universe. The monitor shines with its special Light FX, which synchronizes with the in-game action, further enhancing the gaming experience.

With the dedicated LoL mode, players can enjoy a clear and visually optimized view of Summoner’s Rift. This League of Legends monitor provides an immersive experience tailored specifically to the game. It caters to both casual gamers and aspiring esports professionals by offering top-notch specifications. The 27″ IPS screen boasts a QHD resolution and a rapid refresh rate of 170Hz, ensuring smooth visuals even during intense team fights.

To eliminate stutters and tearing, the AG275QXL supports Adaptive Sync with FreeSync Premium, while the impeccable response time of 1ms GtG guarantees a flawless output. Additionally, with VESA DisplayHDR 400, ShadowControl, and the flicker-free mode, players can indulge in long gaming sessions with a crystal-clear portrayal of their favorite champions as they dive into battle.

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