Ground of Aces Reaches Kickstarter Goal in Four Hours

The Kickstarter campaign for Ground of Aces, a World War II base-building game developed by Blindflug Studios, a Swiss-Polish game studio, has achieved its target of 30,000 Euros in just four hours. The studio expresses its gratitude to the supportive community and unveils the initial set of stretch goals to enhance the game with additional content.

Surpassing expectations, the first two stretch goals of 40,000 and 50,000 Euros have already been reached. Players can now anticipate exciting features such as the inclusion of pets within their air bases and the construction of new structures for gathering enemy intelligence.

While there are a few smaller stretch goals in between, the next significant milestone is set at 100,000 Euros, which will unlock Germany as a playable faction in the campaign centered around the Battle of Britain. This theatrical campaign offers an immersive narrative experience for players.

About Ground of Aces

Ground of Aces offers players the opportunity to construct and meticulously manage a World War II air base, populated by a diverse array of pilots and crew members. While the game allows for endless exploration in its free-build mode, the Theatre Campaigns present captivating narratives that shed light on the challenges faced by air bases and their courageous personnel during this historic era.

One such campaign delves into the riveting story of the Battle of Britain. Drawing inspiration from acclaimed base builder games like Rimworld and Going Medieval, as well as history-focused strategy games like Hearts of Iron IV, Ground of Aces promises a captivating fusion of gameplay elements.

The art style of the game pays homage to the visually striking “ligne claire” style found in Franco-Belgian comics such as Biggles and Buck Danny. Currently in development for PC, Ground of Aces is scheduled for release in 2024.

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