Dead Island 2 Coming This April

After multiple delays, the developer Dambuster Studios has finally confirmed the launch of Dead Island 2 on April 21 of this year, as previously rumored. The announcement suggests that the long wait for the game is finally coming to an end.

Dambuster had previously confirmed the announcement on April 28th, but on a new note, it cheered the most anxious gamers by anticipating the arrival by a week. The title can be pre-ordered through the Epic Games Store(PC) platform and in stores for PlayStation 4, PS 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

“Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios are in equal measure absolutely thrilled and utterly relieved to confirm today that the highly anticipated zombie-slaying saga Dead Island 2 BECAME GOLD”, raising the expectations of fans of the game.

Despite the confirmation, there is still fear on the part of the community, justified fear after the several postponements in the project due to problems in the development of the game. The company had confirmed that the game would be made official on February 3, 2023, something that obviously did not happen, which is why the public is afraid of the announcement.

A couple of months ago, the official Dead Island 2 gameplay trailer was released.

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