Dying Light 2 Stay Human Pre-Orders Open, Arriving on December 7

Techland releases the latest gameplay trailer for the open-world parkour action game “Dying Light 2 Stay Human“. The company also announced that the game is arriving on December 7 for all platforms – PC / PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One. Dying Light 2 Stay Human pre-order has started at Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, and other EC stores.

Dying Light 2 has been postponed several times. The story of this game is about the hero who wanders to approach the mystery of his past in the world 15 years after the previous work “Dying Light” depicting the zombie apocalypse. Aiden Cardwell is the main character and the protagonist of the game and the last fort of mankind.

People are competing for scarce resources, but Aiden meets the “Night Runners” who sneak into the zombie nest and secure scarce resources and will survive by making full use of his parkour skills.

The city on which the game is based is huge including the skyscrapers in the center, and the three powers of “Survivors”, “Peacekeepers”, and the hostile “Renegades” are working and restraining each other according to their own motives. Aiden cooperates with or opposes these forces, changing the balance of power and dyeing the city in his own color.

In this game, it seems that you can enjoy the thrilling action utilizing the skyscrapers on the map, such as running through the valley of the building. On the trailer, you can also check the speedy parkour that makes full use of wall running and sliding, and techniques that make you feel like you have a tight heart, such as jumping from a building.

“Dying Light 2 Stay Human” Official Gameplay Trailer

Pre-Order Dying Light 2 Stay Human

As mentioned earlier, the game is available for pre-order on all platforms PC/PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X/S PlayStation 4/Xbox One. To reserve the game you can visit the official pre-order page.

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