Ghostrunner 2 is Now Available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC

Ghostrunner 2, the gripping first-person cyberpunk-action thriller crafted by 505 Games and One More Level, has made its debut on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, Epic, and GOG.

Continuing the legacy of its predecessor, Ghostrunner 2 tracks the journey of cyber ninja Jack as he combats a ferocious AI cult. Equip your razor-sharp katana once again and carve your way through an unyielding wave of fervent cultists, cybernetic warlords, and formidable AI entities, both within and, for the first time, beyond the confines of Dharma Tower.

Ghostrunner 2 Features

Immerse yourself in high-octane vehicular combat, deftly maneuvering through obstacles and toppling adversaries while riding a high-speed motorcycle. On foot, Jack seamlessly employs his trademark parkour and grappling hook techniques from the original game, now refined and expanded for swift traversal across diverse terrains, ranging from vibrant neon-lit urban landscapes to desolate, sand-swept wastelands. Execute stylish slides, dashes, and evasive maneuvers to outmaneuver a host of formidable new foes.

Ghostrunner 2 intensifies the action with a fresh array of abilities and an overhauled progression system. Discover new combat tactics and devise the perfect strategy to evade, counter, and dismantle adversaries capable of eliminating Jack with a single deadly blow. Conquer enhanced boss battles with increased flexibility, mastering the art of overcoming their cunning new tactics.

Unleash your blade to the pulsating rhythm of synthwave and ominous electronic melodies. Ghostrunner 2’s soundtrack boasts renowned artists including Dan Terminus, We Are Magonia, GosT, the returning Daniel Deluxe, and the award-winning composer Arkadiusz Rejkowski.

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