Victor Chevalier is Appearing As a New Fighter in Tekken 8

Get ready for the imminent arrival of Tekken 8 as you uncover Victor Chevalier, a fresh-faced character hailing from France, set to join the game’s illustrious roster. Hailing from France, this fighter boasts his own stage set in the new Paris backdrop featured in the showcase.

Victor Chevalier presents himself as an experienced gentleman clad in a sleek gray suit, suggesting a clandestine agent proficient in combat.

Chevalier employs a range of weaponry in battle, including a pistol, a laser sword, and a small dagger. The trailer highlights his diverse attacks, each weapon serving a unique purpose: the pistol enables ranged projectiles, the sword delivers longer-ranged slashes, and the dagger facilitates swift and rapid strikes.

Tekken 8 – Victor Chevalier Reveal & Gameplay Trailer

Bandai Namco has disclosed that Victor’s voice is portrayed by actor Vincent Cassel. Cassel is renowned for his roles in films such as Black Swan, Ocean’s Twelve, and a live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast.

“Victor is actually the first French fighter for the TEKKEN franchise,” Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada wrote on X. “I have had the idea of a French character in my mind for a long time and it finally came to fruition.

“Thanks to Vincent Cassel for inspiring me and for voicing him. And the stage is Paris itself, where I took my first Seine River cruise over 20 years ago,” Harada concluded.

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