Tekken 8 – Ling Xiaoyu Gameplay Trailer Released

A new Tekken 8 gameplay trailer showcasing Ling Xiaoyu in action has been released by Bandai Namco. Tekken 8 gameplay trailers for several characters are being gradually unveiled by Bandai Namco Studios, with Kazuya, King, Nina, Jin, Paul, Marshall Law, Lars, Jack-8, Jun, and Ling Xiaoyu being the latest.

The 2-minute trailer depicts noticeable changes in Ling’s appearance, indicating significant character development. Overall, Bandai Namco is doing a fantastic job with the game and its characters.

TEKKEN 8 – Ling Xiaoyu Gameplay Trailer

Prior to becoming a playable character in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Xiaoyu held the distinction of being the youngest human fighter in the Tekken series. Presently, with no announcement of Lili’s return, Xiaoyu holds the title of the youngest playable character in Tekken 8, though this status could change with future announcements.

Xiaoyu’s childlike mannerisms are still evident, such as skipping and striking an airborne pose with the victory hand sign after winning a match.

The trailer for Xiaoyu, like other character trailers, showcases her performing Heat Engagers in various practical situations. Towards the end of the trailer, Xiaoyu’s Rage Art is revealed. After landing the initial hit, she relentlessly strikes the opponent from multiple angles and delivers a final palm strike to the gut, exuding immense energy throughout.

The game’s initial release date is set for 2024.

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