Gunfire Reborn Coming to PS4, PS5 on June 1

Gunfire Reborn, a dynamic adventure game that combines elements of FPS, roguelite, and RPG genres, will be launched on June 1st for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Developed by Duoyi Games and published by 505 Games, this hyper-stylized game has already captivated millions of players on other platforms.

Gunfire Reborn offers a thrilling gaming experience that features fast-paced FPS gunplay, a roguelite structure, and RPG-style character progression. Players can embark on an exciting quest for loot, weapons, and magical scrolls as they battle formidable enemies in either solo or 2-4 player co-op mode. With six unique anthropomorphic heroes to choose from, each with its own distinctive abilities and designs, players can enjoy a diverse range of gameplay options.

The game boasts over 100 in-game weapons and items, including dual-wielded guns, smoke bombs, and powerful melee attacks, all of which can be used to conquer each procedurally-generated level as quickly as possible.

Players can learn from each death and improve their combat skills, using ability points to enhance their hero’s skill tree and turn them into a formidable fighting force. With its stylish visuals and immersive gameplay, Gunfire Reborn is a game not to be missed. Check out the trailer below.

Gunfire Reborn PlayStation Date Announce Trailer

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